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Wah kayaknya saya sudah agak lama nih belum posting tentang tips blogging, maklumlah karena beberapa hari ini saya disibukkan dengan beberapa domain baru yang saya beli kemarin. OK langsung saja deh pada kesempatan ini saya akan membahas mengenai software rewrite article. Tool atau software ini akan sangat berguna sekali bagi anda yang butuh konten unik dalam blog anda (tentunya artikel dalam bahasa inggris)

Namanya juga rewrite article jadi maksudnya adalah menulis ulang artikel, dan artikel itu bebas dari manapun sumbernya. Alat ini sangat membantu sekali bagi anda atau saya yang kemampuan bahasa inggrisnya pas-pasan. Langsung saja silakan anda meluncur ke TKP untuk melihat atau menggunakan alat ini h**p://www.quickcontentwizard.com.

Adapun cara penggunaan adalah sebagai berikut:

1. Langsung saja klik article rewriter (beta release).
2. Masukkan artikel yang asli dan klik generate.
3. Anda tinggal copy hasil nya dan siap untuk diposting kedalam blog anda....

Dibawah ini adalah contoh dari artikel yang di rewrite:

Artikel asli:
Have you ever been in a situation that brought on sweats, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath? You probably weren’t having a heart attack but an anxiety attack. If you suffer from anxiety disorders, learning to manage it is the first step to overcoming it.

Anxiety is characterized as extreme reactions to fearful situations. When someone follows you into a dark alley, those anxious feelings of a racing heartbeat and sweaty palms gives way to heightened senses and a rush of adrenalin that can save your life. This is the fight or flight syndrome.

In the case of frequent anxiety, the fearful feelings are dread of a particular situation and not the situation itself. Getting caught in traffic can cause an anxiety attack over what might happen when you get to work late. Starting a new job can bring on anxiety attacks. You don’t know anyone and fear of that unknown can send you into a panic.

Everyone experiences panic or anxiety in small ways. Like the fight or flight example, it can save your life. In new situations, we get panicky but when the outcome we fear fails to materialize, the anxiety stops. For someone with chronic anxiety, this is not the case.

Every situation that brings anxiety is not life-threatening. More than likely it is an extremely stressful situation that has brought on the anxiety as a way of dealing with it. Unchecked anxiety of this type can lead to depression.

If you suffer from anxiety attacks on occasion or a more frequent anxiety disorder, there are steps you can take to keep your anxiety under control.


Have you anytime been in a bearings that brought on sweats, accelerated baby and conciseness of breath? You apparently weren’t accepting a affection advance but an all-overs attack. If you ache from all-overs disorders, acquirements to administer it is the aboriginal footfall to advantageous it.

Anxiety is characterized as acute reactions to aflutter situations. Back addition follows you into a aphotic alley, those afraid animosity of a antagonism baby and bathed award gives way to acute senses and a blitz of adrenalin that can save your life. This is the action or flight syndrome.

In the case of common anxiety, the aflutter animosity are alarming of a accurate bearings and not the bearings itself. Getting bent in cartage can account an all-overs advance over what ability appear back you get to assignment late. Starting a fresh job can accompany on all-overs attacks. You don’t apperceive anyone and abhorrence of that alien can accelerate you into a panic.

Everyone adventures agitation or all-overs in baby ways. Like the action or flight example, it can save your life. In fresh situations, we get afraid but back the aftereffect we abhorrence fails to materialize, the all-overs stops. For addition with abiding anxiety, this is not the case.

Every bearings that brings all-overs is not life-threatening. Added than acceptable it is an acutely demanding bearings that has brought on the all-overs as a way of ambidextrous with it. Unchecked all-overs of this blazon can advance to depression.

If you ache from all-overs attacks on break or a added common all-overs disorder, there are accomplish you can booty to accumulate your all-overs beneath control.

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